What does a "Cool Roof" mean?

8 February 2018
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What Is A “Cool Roof”?


A cool roof is designed to be highly reflective so light from the sun can bounce off rather

than be absorbed into the building. They can often be detected by their lightly colored tiles

and reflective shingles. Cool roofs have great benefits due to their ability to increase the

imperishability of a roof, as well as reduce air conditioning consumption of a building.


Unlike a cool roof, a standard roof is often dark in color causing the temperature of the roof

to rise tremendously, especially on hot days. In summer conditions, a standard roof can

increase over 100℉ above the actual temperature. Meaning, if the temperature is currently

90℉, the roof can potentially rise to 190℉. Due to this extreme temperature, many factors

are affected.


The high temperature caused by a standard roof can force people to increase their air

conditioning consumption. It can also cause deterioration of the roof to accelerate, as well as

increase the pollution of the air due to the “heat island effect”.


However, the appeal of a cool roof is that is capable of greatly lowering the temperature of a

roof on a hot day. A lowered roof temperature allows for a decrease in air conditioning costs,

less air pollution, and an overall increase in health and comfort regardless if the air

conditioning is on or off.


A cool roof can be described as wearing a white shirt on a hot day. On a hot day you don’t

want to be wearing a dark shirt because it will absorb the heat. But if you are wearing a white

shirt, the light will simply reflect off allowing you to stay cool. Cool Roofs are designed with

the same logic and understanding. Having a cool roof can be a great investment for those

residing in a hot environment.



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