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A flat roof is a nearly horizontal roof with just enough pitch to allow for water drainage. There are several different types of flat roofs, all of which require regular maintenance, repair and eventually replacement. However, if well taken care of by a flat roofing contractor, a flat roof should have a life span of about 25 years.

Royal Roofing specializes in re-roofing and repairing flat roofs for residential and commercial buildings. We service all types of flat roofs including multiple-ply or built up roofing systems (BUR), single-ply membranes, modified bitumen roofing systems, roll asphalt, seamed metal, liquid or spray-applied, and green roofs.

To ensure a long life for any flat roofing system, we recommend proper maintenance a minimum of two times a year, with additional repairs when necessary. Maintenance for all types of flat roofs includes removing free and embedded fragments, sticks and moss, clearing drains and inspecting seams, connection points, flashings and penetrations for any damage.

Not every flat roof needs to be re-roofed. We only recommend re-roofing if the roofing system has expired, or if it was improperly installed the first time around. If you own a home or building with a flat roof, Royal Roofing will assess the roof and decide whether it needs complete re-roof work or regular maintenance and repairs.

For nearly 30 years, Royal Roofing has specialized in re-roofing and repairing flat and low slop roofs. We can handle any roofing project regardless of its size. Give us a call today for all of your flat roofing system needs, whether you have a modified bitumen or built up roofing system.

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