Roofing Contractor – Is your roofer certified?

Roofing Contractor: Is Your Roofer Certified?

Purchasing a new roof is one of the biggest investments for a home or building owner. More importantly, property owners place much of their trust in the hands of their roofing contractors. They assume they are getting the best quality materials for their investment. Therefore, it’s extremely important that top of the line and quality materials are used instead of reject roofing materials (known as 2nds). It is important to protect yourself by getting this in writing. As a result, Royal Roofing states using first quality materials on their contracts.  

High quality materials will minimize the chance of getting a bum job. Consequently, this will prevent having to reroof twice within the normal roof service life (10-20 years). Using “Factory Certified” Roofing Contractors will prevent this from happening 99% of the time. Therefore, a certified roofing company will always comply to strict requirements. Royal Roofing stays on top of their certifications because factory certification allows the top 2-5% in our industry to offer factory enhanced warranties. This will complement your roofer’s “in-house” warranty.

GAF Master Elite

Royal Roofing License 2018
Royal Roofing License 2018

In our case, Royal Roofing has maintained the GAF Master Elite Certification  since 2002. Only 2 percent of Roofing Contractors are “Master Elite” certified in the entire nation. In addition to using superior materials, our roofers are educated and tested on product knowledge and application techniques. Even though it may cost more out of the gate, the value is that we are less expensive when the roof lasts usually 2-3 times as long as our competitors.

Roofing Contractor

Being proactive and getting your roof done right the first time by the correct Roofing Contractors will prevent unwanted leaks and damages. Pro-active roof maintenance will further the life of your roof and will keep it looking new. Roof maintenance is just like getting regular oil & filter changes for your car, a little roof maintenance goes a long way. We say that “buying a cheap roof will be one of the most expensive roofs you’ll ever own!”. Our trained and certified Roofing Contractors offer superior quality, unbeatable warranties and prompt reliable service. We ensure that you receive the best value on your investment.