How To Stay Cool On The Roof During The Heat

How To Stay Cool On The Roof During Heat Waves

As we continue to take in this California heat, roofers are working in dangerously high temperatures. Often doing physically demanding work, their workload can consist of loading up vehicles, and handling heavy equipment. During this season of intense heat, roofers face the risk of heat exhaustion. Heat exhaustion can cause the functioning of the body’s temperature control system to malfunction, which makes it a serious, unignorable health concern.

How to Prevent Heat Exhaustion

In the case of high temperatures, a great way to stay productive and efficient in the midst of a heat wave is the adoption of W-R-S-R. This protocol involves steps including Water, Rest, Shade, Repeat.

Water: Hydration is key during, and before, facing intense heat. Once already at the scene of construction during a heatwave, it can be too late to start drinking water on the spot. To avoid dehydration, it’s best to remain hydrated by drinking water before and while at work. 

Rest: While it may be tempting to work non-stop to get the job done quicker, it’s best to take your time and take intervals of rest to ensure your safety during the intense heat.

Shade: Even just 15 minutes of shade during a hot day can significantly drop your body temperature. Ultimately, making the heat bearable for workers. 

Repeat: This formula is a cycle that should be repeated in order to ensure the health of roofers. During high temperatures such as the high 90s, it’s important that workers take safety precautions. In situations where extensive work is necessary, some roofers may acquire the “buddy system” where two workers work together, one taking the shift while the other rests and switch as needed. 

Keeping this protocol will keep your roofers healthy and prepared for the next heat wave that comes their way.