Rainy Season Coming Early This Year – Is Your Roof Rain Ready?

First things first, a roof leak is caused by one of the following:

    • Old age – Roofing materials deteriorate over time and no longer keep water out. 
    • Roof Slope (Angle) – A shallow slope can cause the shingles to lift and allow rain in.
    • Roof Vents – Roof openings need to be properly framed and sealed to prevent leaks. 
    • Trash and DebrisKeep the roof free of debris to let water run off smoothly. 
    • Missing Shingles – These can be ripped off with strong winds and should be replaced.
    • Roof Openings – Lack of sealing after removing roofing installations can cause roof leaks. 
    • Moisture – Always extend your downspout to the ground level to avoid a saturated lower level roof. 
    • FlashingSections of flashing might move or slide out of place if nails are missing or caulk may crack over time.
    • Ridge Cap – an improperly installed Ridge Cap or one that is mistreated by other contractors can cause roof leaks. 
    • Dirty Gutter – Leaves or other debris can stop the water from flowing off the roof, therefore causing roof leaks.
    • Poor Workmanship and/or Poor Materials (2nds) – Lack of proper roof installation creates the most leaks on a roof.

Roof leaks during heavy rain can be devastating, expensive, and very uncomfortable. Finding the root of the problem as soon as possible will help you save money. Leaving this issue unchecked can cause major damage to both the property and to your pocket. 

Roof leaks are not something that can be ignored, they are urgent and need to be repaired as soon as possible to avoid dry rot and mold. If you don’t repair your roof, your home could be severely damaged.

Before we get started with the following tips, we want to ensure that you are safe. This is a huge disclaimer as roofing is one of the world’s most dangerous professions. Going up to a roof is not always safe, especially if the roof is in bad condition. We ALWAYS recommend calling an experienced licensed and established roofer such as us here at Royal Roofing above anything else. 

Calling Royal Roofing is always the best idea when it comes to repairing your roof. We are trained professionals and we offer free estimates. Professional roofing companies such as Royal Roofing, also offer emergency roof repairs if you are in a desperate situation.

Here are the most common places we will check for roof leaks and the possible quick fix solutions that we can use to stop them: 


  • Since Skylights are basically a large hole in your roof, it’s very possible for them to leak. 
  • The flashing and sealant that is used for these can wear out over time. 

Quick Fix

  • Applying a flexible roof sealant to any holes or gaps around the skylights. 
  • Checking the flashing & shingles around the skylights and replace as necessary.
  • Use silicone caulking around the skylight frame to stop any leaks. 

Leaks in the Chimney

  • The roof slope above your chimney might be poorly designed and encourage debris buildup, which can cause water to sit during or after rain. 
  • Your chimney cover or crown might be cracked or damaged which can lead to water leaks. 
  • Another possible issue might be worn out chimney mortar or veneer. 
  • Lastly, if you have water leaking into your walls around your chimney, the problem is with your flashing or sealant. 

Quick Fix

  • Place a cover over your chimney; they are inexpensive and a really quick solution to avoid the rain leaks. You can call your roofing professional and fix the issue after the rain. 
  • Apply a flexible roof sealant to any holes or gaps around the chimney.
  • Check the flashing & shingles around the chimney and replace as necessary.
  • Installing a chimney cricket will help avoid water from building around the chimney area. 

Vent Pipe Leaks

  • Vent pipes are very common in roofs to allow air flow for various locations in the house typically related to plumbing. 
  • Vent pipe maintenance is essential in a roof since it is a hole in your roof. Proper maintenance is required in order to keep water out.
  • Leaks through the vent pipes are normal when you have cracks in the vent pipe boot or flashing. 

Quick Fix

  • While there is no real quick fix to vent pipes since they are something that should be maintained by a professional roofer on a consistent basis, here are some of the things you can do to avoid leaks in an upcoming rainy season. 
  • Apply a flexible roof sealant to any holes or gaps around the vent pipe.
  • Replace or cover the old vent pipe boot with a new one and apply proper caulk and seal. 
  • Check the flashing & shingles around the vent pipe and replace as necessary.

Roof Vent Leaks

  • Roof vents allow circulation of air in the attic and under your roof. This helps keep the attic cool and extends the life of your roof. 
  • There are several types of roof vents, there are ridge, turbine, powered, or free air vents. 
  • While vents are designed to keep water out, hard rain with strong winds can allow water to seep through these if they are old or not properly installed. 
  • Wear and tear can also cause the vent hood to tear or become damaged, therefore allowing rain to come in. 

Quick Fix

  • Use a metal screen wire outside of your vent to create a blockage from hard rain.
  • You can purchase a relatively inexpensive roof vent cover as a temporary solution.
  • Apply a flexible roof sealant to any holes or gaps around the air vent.
  • Check the flashing & shingles around the air vent and replace as necessary.

Shingle Leaks

  • Damaged shingles are one of the most common reasons for leaks on your ceiling during rain. 
  • Sun, wind, debris or old age are the typical cause for your shingles to become damaged.
  • Typical signs for damaged shingles are water spots on your ceiling or missing granules on your roof.

Quick Fix

  • Removing debris from your roof is the first step to identify any shingle damage. 
  • Apply a flexible roof sealant to any holes, gaps, or loose shingles. This will help seal the holes temporarily. 
  • Replace missing or damaged shingles as necessary. 
  • While this is not a permanent fix, calling your local qualified roofer to see if you need a roof replacement might be your best choice.

Roof Valley Leaks

  • There are several buildings that have two roof planes that intersect and form a valley shape that is aligned to a slope on your roof. 
  • These valleys allow water to build in heavy rain and run along the slope. 
  • Since the valleys are intersecting planes, they allow debris to sit there unnoticed. 
  • Valleys are especially tricky to install and inexperienced roofers lack the expertise to do so, causing improperly placed roofing nails to pop up and damage your roof, which allows for leaks. 

Quick Fix

  • The first thing you should look for is debris in your valleys. Removing the debris would really help you determine if there are any damaged shingles that need to be replaced.
  • Valleys are very tricky systems and typically require an experienced roofing professional. Placing new shingles and making sure that the valley has a proper water shield would be the ideal fix to this problem. 

Gutter Leaks

  • Clogged gutters don’t allow water to flow away from the roof properly. 
  • This can encourage leaks because water begins to pond, and it goes through the eave areas of your property. 
  • Clogged gutters are a very serious issue as they can cause foundation damage, which is very costly to repair. 

Quick Fix

  • The easiest way to avoid clogged gutters is to clean them constantly. This will help you avoid a very expensive repair in the future. 
  • You can purchase a gutter shield that stops leaves from entering the gutters and will keep your gutters in working condition. 
  • Providing annual maintenance to your gutters is an added service that most professional roofing contractors will gladly take on when doing maintenance on your roof. 
  • While there is no quick fix to actual gutter problems, the above suggestions should keep your gutters working and your home safe. 

We are here to help with all of your roofing needs.

Please make sure to get a hold of your local roofing company for professional assistance. A professional roofing company can help diagnose a roofing problem and can provide an affordable solution that is going to last you for years. They will keep your home dry and will gladly offer a warranty on their work. A good roofing company will have an annual maintenance plan to ensure that your roof is always in tip-top shape. 

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