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Royal Roofing

SINCE 1982


In construction, a Guarantee is a promise or pledge to perform after sales service as needed. A Guarantee should provide peace of mind that when issues develop, they are promptly resolved. When problems arise, the familiar story of the contractor who has disappeared or doesn’t return calls is all too familiar. A review of our Credentials and history is proof that Royal Roofing Company’s Guarantee is the exception in the construction & the roofing industry. Here’s why:

Royal Roofing has had the same CSLB License (C-39 #432352) since 1982 in “PERFECT STANDING”. Companies just don’t stay in business this long without properly serving their clientele and addressing issues that come up. A well established firm is one whose License has been in Good Standing for a minimum of 10 years. With volume of 50-75 jobs a month over so many years, we still have NO DISCIPLINARY ACTION, ZERO VIOLATIONS & ZERO CITATIONS. If we failed to service our customers over the years, there would be traceable evidence or complaints with the CSLB, BBB (Better Business Bureau) or Angie’s List and other consumer sites.

Issues come up in every kind of business, but the difference is in how quickly and responsibly those issues are solved. Leaks can cause interior damage, STRESS and the potential for mold, so at Royal Roofing, we react aggressively to each situation. We respond as quickly as possible to your calls, understanding the inconvenience you, your family or your tenants might be experiencing. Whether you are a first time caller or a long time client calling for service, our quick response will be the same.

Our abundant and quality referrals are also your guarantee. Our project managers can provide you with several satisfied customers in your area and with similar buildings and projects. Testimonials are available on our website as well as social media.

Avoid the pitfalls of invalid or weak Guarantees. Verbal promises are not the same as a Written Guarantee. Check out how long a license has been active instead of just relying on the number of years in business that is advertised. Research your bidders on consumer protection sites, check social media sites and if referrals are given, they should be verifiable and numerous.

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