Insurance Protection


Royal Roofing Company Providing Full Protection and Insurance

We carry full WORKER’S COMPENSATION INSURANCE for our EMPLOYEE, Factory Trained ROOFERS. (No day or street labor. No labor pool).

We carry 2M LIABILITY INSURANCE in Occurrence format (not just claims made @ install) More expensive but better protection for Clients & Royal Roofing in case a claim over time after install. Very, VERY Important Insurance item as Claims Made Ins. coverage is only @ install. Once install is completed, there is ZERO Insurance protection so a big claim could virtually force a Roofer to BK as they probably couldn’t afford to solve/pay monies to solve in house….thus BK to get out of.

Extra Protection; We carry a 10-MILLION UMBRELLA. We all know a million isn’t what a million used to be. What happens if your roof collaspes from tear off overloading at one end or a fire gutts the structure from a Torch On Roofer (Like Universal Studios Torch On Roofer). Or half building has severe water damage/mold from leaks & you have to put your Tenants up in a Hotel??

Proper (enough) Insurance protection is absolutely critical & worth paying a bit more in case. What if you’re the one?? Safe then sorry. Be protected. Insist on seeing an actual Insurance Cert. where u can call & verify such coverages and/or get you or your Firm/Property Entity/LLC listed as “Additional Insured” so that you have direct Insurance Carrier “Co-Named” Protection.

ROOFER’S TRUCK(s) Insurace; What it they back into a car or your building while on your property? We carry a 1M AUTO/TRUCK INSURANCE.

We advise u to do your Homework. Ask for Insurances. If u get any resistance, delay or “story” in place of a Certificate direct from the Roofers Insurance Agent….RUN as they say. That’s not the Roofing Firm for you. There are plenty of Reputable Roofing Co’s with Insurances & the ones that freely offer this important info to you upfront are the ones who manage risk with strict attention.




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