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Royal Roofing Company Continuously Licensed since 1982

Just about 35+ YEARS of Quality Re-Roofing and Repairs while PROVIDING RELIABLE “FOLLOW THRU” WARRANTY SERVICE after the Sale.

There’s absolutely no way to maintain a Contractors License for this incredible period of time by failing to “Service Our Clients quickly and without Hassles”. In this day and age of black balling a Contractor on the internet, it’s quite a compliment that Steve and Reggie have been able to Satisfy all our Clients like running a very Intimate Business within a Large business Model. *Impressive to say the least!!

Check out our license:


What does this mean to you the Consumer?

Choosing Steve Pinkus/Reg Wills &/or anyone of their Staff @ R.W.S.&P. Inc. Dba: ROYAL ROOFING COMPANY, they’ll manage your Roofing Project as if it was their own Familys. This will result in a “No Goof Roof” from day one with many, many years of successfull “Dry Days & Nights” while relieving all the agony/stresses leaky roofs cause (interior damage, mold, Tenant hassles, expense, most of the time; litigation against that Roofer who then suddenly dis-appears and the “stress & aggrevation of dealing with a bad roofing experience” while chasing the bad Roofer…).

*Make the call today direct to Steve or Reggie and start relaxing from day one meeting them!! We’ll guide you thru the process as if our own Family Member. We’ll put you @ ease that your hard earned monies were well invested and a penny was not wasted. When your new Royal Roofing lasts & out performs the others two to one or five to one, you’ll be so, So, SO GRATEFULL that you entrusted us to service you

Our Roofs initially have a slightly higher cost as all quality products have, but the payoff comes soon as 40% of new roofs are re-roofed in under five years (OUCH!!). Another 35% of new roofs are replaced in under 10 years (OH VEY!!). That means only 25% of new roofs put on by other Roofing Firms last over 10 years in our statistics. Again, 7.5 out of 10 contracted roofs don’t make it 10 years sooo, all those people have to roof twice in five or twice in ten thus double the expense.

Our roofs average life is 16.57 years thus 3x the average “Joe the Roofer’s” roof. Royal Roofing actually then is the least expensive roof over time while the CHEAP ROOFING GUYS with the least up front price are actually the most expensive roof jobs (Incredible). Invest your money only one time, one time in 15-20 years. Call us now to make a plan to save u money.

THE LONGEVITY OF OUR LICENSE is the “Predictability of the Future” response.Proven fact by all the Business Models out there.


If the license in under 10 Year Old, Buyer Beware, that Roofing Entity may lack the needed Roofing, Business and Financial wherewithall to withstand the ups and downs of the economic cycles while being under funded to service clients in the “bust times” such as the last 24 months and probably the coming 20-30 months.

Addionally, where’s their Place of Business??

Dirt lot, PO Box or from their Home or Apartment. Pretty much a problem if u can’t get any satisfaction by phone so you drive to their contract address only to find a PO/Mail Boxes Business. . What can u do then other than look into a 3″x3″ glass door looking for the Company Owner. That’s a very VERY famous Roofing Horror seen for Decades as the consumer doesn’t do their homework.



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