Cool Roofing in Torrance

Why choose us for Cool Roofing in Torrance?


Royal Roofing was founded in 1980 and even though we are pushing 40yrs. in the roofing business. We are doing so with the same principles. Our company has the same vigor as in our first years but with nearly four decades more experience.

We specialize in Cool Roofing in Torrance. Royal Roofing also offers specialization in Leak Repair(s), Roof Maintenance/Restoration and Re-Roofing for any sized Project. Our team can provide services for Residential (Single & Multi-Family) and any sized Commercial and Industrial Buildings in Torrance.

Whether you have a single Leak or a Re-Roof, you’ll receive the SAME GREAT ROOFING SERVICE. Every job is our Opportunity to prove our Value & earn another Referral. Our Goal is to be your choice in Cool Roofing in Torrance for Life.  We proudly service many Generations of Clients. The Superior Quality and unmatched Stellar Service that we offer provides remarkable LONG TERM VALUE.

Contact us today for your free estimate and guaranteed top quality Cool Roofing in Torrance. We offer a complete list of referrals upon request, and a top of the line estimate process to get you the best price and the best service.

Cool Roofing in Torrance and Royal Roofing

Royal Roofing takes great pride in the many milestones that we have accomplished over the past 40 years. One of those very important milestones is proper information to our customers about Cool Roofing in Torrance. Our strategy is to be honest about the education we are handing out to our customers. While this strategy might cost a bit more money up front, it saves our customers a lot of money in the long run. All of our Cool Roofing projects in Torrance are done with great pride. 

What makes us your best choice in Cool Roofing in Torrance?

Our team of educators are just that, they are the team that we send out to bid on the job. They’re trained to give our customers the right information about their roofs. In order to properly take care of Cool Roofing in Torrance, our team needs have all of the right information available. Once our customers understand the importance of putting a good roof on their building, then the price starts to make sense to them. They understand that they will actually be saving money in the long run. The Cool Roofing in Torrance market has a great partner when it comes to roofing. Our company is here to partner with you and to serve you with a great roofing experience.

Cool Roofing in Torrance and Royal Roofing – A Parable

Think of the old parable about spending money. Here’s an old story about a wise person and a foolish person. They both needed to buy shoes. The foolish person purchases a $15 pair and that will only last a year. The wise person however buys a $50 pair and that’s going to last him five years. The wise person spends more upfront and that helps him spend less over time. Our team of great educators want you to spend less over time. Our company is built on educating our customers to help them spend less. We take great pride in doing this. We know that our customers will thank us for it in the long run.


Cool Roofing in Torrance
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Giving Property Owners
Peace of Mind for Almost 4 Decades

Due to a single rake tile that fell from my roof, I contacted Royal Roofing for a consultation.  Francisco came by and quickly diagnosed my situation and walked me through his plan to fix my problem.  He quickly finished the job to my satisfaction and even spent some time with me to explain some things to look out for and what routine maintenance is needed to keep my roof going.  Thanks Francisco.  Appreciate the time, expedience and honesty!

Jeff S.

I found out today that my parents have a roof leak problem, so I quickly turned to yelp.  Although Royal Roofing doesn’t specialize in the roofing material my parents need (metal), Steve answered within minutes with insightful and helpful advice on where to turn to.  I was very impressed and appreciative that he took the time to get back to me with such detail.  Thanks, Steve, for being so kind and informative.  I’ll be sure to bookmark you and reach out when I need your service one day.

Cindy O.

Estimator showed up, gave a solid site inspection, provided written estimate.  Provided service on expected date. Price was firm, and very fair, they completed the work professionally and on time. The yard was broom clean after the project.  Very Happy.

Gregg E.

I’m a long term client of Royal Roofing. They recently re-roofed my apt. building; they replaced the rotted wood, they replaced the broken spanish tiles and to my surprise, then even fixed some broken stucco. Every day after roofing, they cleaned up after themselves and hosed down. Every concern I had, was addressed right on the spot and quickly solved without hesitation or drama. I find this to be the most important quality in hiring a contractor. Knowing that when a problem comes up – they solve it immediately and with a great attitude. That’s the way to earn maximum Referrals so I gladly write this Yelp Review to compliment Steve Pinkus, Reggie & their wonderful crew headed by Jose Luis.

Frances L.

Los Angeles

Working in property management, with apartment buildings, private homes, etc, you must rely on your trusted vendors. In this case Royal Roofing is our trusted vendor. I found them by asking skylight & A/C professionals who are on roofs daily. Everyone said Royal Roofing and now we have used them for 5+ years for complete tear offs/roof replacements & repairs for both apartment buildings and recently on our private residence. Never have I met a more consistent Contractor than Royal Roofing “with personal contact” by Owner Steve Pinkus & Licensee Reg Wills. They always give us photos, advice & have even told us not to re-roof when we planned to..just consistent Integrity.

Toni B.

Beverly Hills

Steve, Your dedication to your profession was evident today that you would freely give your time with no potential pay out today. I had to recognize you on Yelp for hopefully a future while referring you to any of our friends and colleagues that in time, will need a Home, Apartment Building or Commercial roof repair or re-roof.  Also, thank you for your courtesy to my mother.

Bert Moody