Commercial Flat Roof Repair Solutions

Commercial Flat Roof Repair Solutions

When dealing with Commercial Flat Roofs, many problems are bound to come up at one point. When these problems do arise, you will need a specialized commercial roofer to do a proper inspection to evaluate the issue. Once the issues have been evaluated, a roofing contractor can begin to identify solutions for the problem detected.

Indicators of Flat Roofing Trouble

  • Debris detected on roof
  • Pond of water, which remains on a roof for over 48 hours
  • Clear signs of drainage issues
  • Roof leak damage on the exterior of the building
  • Deformation of structure and roof
  • Signs of buckling on roof
  • Visual punctures, holes, cracks, curling, blisters

Repairing Solutions and Options

To repair flat roofing problems as listed above, a roofing contractor may replace certain components and repair seams. The best roofing repairing system is the roof coat. A roof coating can solve a range of issues, while lengthening the life of your roof. In fact, the roofing coat can solve 80% of issues with the exception of serious issues which may need to be fully replaced.

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